Water, Water Everywhere!

Our bodies are made up of almost 70% water and so it's no wonder that we hold water in very high regard. Most humans see it as an almost sacred source of life, healing and cleansing. We find ourselves in sync with the Earth, as it's oceans and seas also make up 70% of the planet that we live on.

Water helps us clean our houses, our clothes and our bodies. We give it to our crops in order that they flourish. We drink it to nourish ourselves and when we are in it, it holds us, lifts us and leaves no part of us untouched. But it can also be our master, and woe betide us if we forget how powerful it is.

So meditating with or by water can be a really powerful way of getting in touch with this wonderful support system on which we rely so much.

If we want to, we can meditate while actually being immersed in water, be it in a bath, ocean or sea. We can float in a swimming pool or sit by the side of a small pool and dabble our feet.

We can however, just close our eyes and use our imagination to place us by water. Whatever we choose to do, start by closing our eyes and just focusing on listening to our breathing. At the same time, think about the sound that the water makes, is it a rushing sound that a fast flowing stream or river makes, a soft, babbling sound of a small stream or the powerful roar of waves in the ocean.

Whichever type of water we have chosen probably reflects what we are looking for - peace and calm that is found in the depths of the ocean could represent finding peace underneath all the rush of life; the cleansing feel of water from a fast moving river or the uplifting, musical babbling of a stream.

As we move our awareness between our breath and the water which we find ourselves in or by, we can start to let go of the things that we don't need any more into the moving water. We can abandon ourselves to the water that we are floating in, sure in the knowledge that it will hold us and keep us safe.

When we are ready, we can return ourselves to solid ground, easing our body back onto the the land or our mind back into the present time, just lying back and allowing the water to roll off our skin, going back into the earth and evaporating into the air, back to nourishing the world in which we live. We can lie there, feeling as cleansed, healed and renewed as the earth around us, ready to move on with our day.


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