Use meditation to achieve your goals.


We all have visions that may seem unachievable, pie in the sky, wouldn't it be fantastic if.... but most of the time we aren't sure of how to start actually working towards that vision.

A Vision doesn’t need creating, it exists already. It’s the big picture, the thing you most strive for, what’s most important. It is there, so get in touch with it.

So what do we need to do to begin our journey towards achieving our ultimate vision. Well, we need to set goals.

A Goal – is a milestone on your way to your vision. A stepping stone on your path, don’t always get positive emotions from goals but they are necessary to keep driving us forward towards what we want most. A great way to set goals is to use the acronym S.M.A.R.T.

S – specific – clear and precise.

M – measurable – make sure you can measure your progress.

A – achievable – realistic.

R – resources – you’ve got what you need.

T – time – have a start and end date.

To help us achieve our goals and get us on our way, highly detailed, vivid imagery is an extremely powerful way to train the mind and this is where meditation can come into its own.

Emily Scarratt is best known as the player who secured England's 2014 Women's World Cup triumph with six minutes left in the game. Tiger Woods has been using visualization techniques to improve his game since he was a teenager, and World Champion Golfer, Jack Nicklaus, was quoted as having said, “I never hit a shot, not even in practice, without having a very sharp in-focus picture of it in my head.” Successful sportspeople visualise their goals. They run the race, jump the height, kick the goal first in the mind. And then they make it happen, in the moment.

So with that in mind, here are 10 meditation steps to help you begin to visualise your goals on your way to achieving your ultimate vision for your work or personal life.

1. Begin with area of your life you would like to change.

2. Imagine the highest possible outcome in this area in 6 – 12 months from now. Envision your life as it would be if your highest vision came true. What is your ultimate reality? Try not to get hung up on limitations or negativity; instead, just allow yourself to get carried away with your wildest aspirations.

3. Connect with one goal you would like to achieve in the next three months. Make it a good one. Run the goal through the SMART acronym. Does it meet criteria?

4. Now that you’ve connected with your goal, imagine what your life will be like once you have completed it. Create a picture or movie in your mind and step inside the visual representation as if you are inside it and looking through your own eyes. Think sights, smells, feelings? Who’s sharing it with you?

5. Step out of the image you’ve created and imagine floating up in the air above where you are now, taking the mental image with you. Take a deep inhale and as you exhale, use your breath to energize the image, filling it with positive energy and intention. Do this five times.

6. Now it’s time to imagine floating out into the future and visualize dropping the internal representation of your goal down into your life below you at the date and time you’ve set for this goal to reach completion.

7. Notice how all the events between then and now re-evaluate themselves to support you in accomplishing your goal. Visualize this process to make it feel real.

8. Once you feel complete, come back to now and, with your eyes still closed, consider what action steps you will take in the next week to move you closer to your goal.

9. Take a few deep breaths to ground yourself before opening your eyes. Write down your list of action steps and do any journaling about your experience.


Last, you must take action and maintain your focus. Every single day, do something that moves you closer to realizing your goal and living your dream.


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