Uncertain Times

Hello, I am sorry I've been quiet for a few days, but I, along with the rest of England, have trying to get my head round the latest guidance on the coronavirus.

First of all, let's go for the positivity in all this, numbers of new cases are slowly going down, numbers of deaths (tragic even if just one) are coming down, and the NHS are able to effectively work without being overloaded. That has got to be a big plus.

However, the move to ease certain parts of lock down, be they very small, have caused a lot of confusion and anxiety to rise.

To help us through this more uncertain times than ever, we need to go with how safe we feel in going to work, meeting people and getting out into nature. We all have enough common sense to know that social distancing is going to be around for a long while yet. We as a species miss physical touch as a comfort in times of stress. To help ease anxiety, listen to music, sing, dance (even if you think you're not very good), talk to someone over Facetime, Zoom or the phone, doodle, colour, draw, paint, take time to breathe and overall BE KIND to yourself.

Peaceful wishes. Sally x


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