Time for Me!

We all rush about in our lives, with work, family, hobbies, commitments of all sorts. And most of the time, we feel guilty when we take 5 minutes to rest and draw breath. It's almost as if it's not allowed! And yet more and more, we are seeing the anxiety and stress levels rising and are not sure what to do about them.

Well, this is where meditation comes in. It teaches us to take time out of our busy lives, in order to connect with the 'now' - to enjoy some 'me' time. We have all seen the images of people doing Tai Chi at dawn under trees covered in cherry blossom and wondered at how at peace they look. If only we could take some of that and transplant it into our own lives.

Now we can. By taking time to sit and breathe and still our ever whirling thoughts into some semblance of peace, order and calm, we can all benefit in so many ways, both physically and mentally. We are at last realising the importance of mental wellbeing both at home, in personal circumstances and in the workplace and meditation and mindfulness can be woven into our world to make it an easier, calmer place in which to live and work.


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