The Sun

Since the beginning of the human race's time on Earth, we have been fascinated by the sun. It gives off immense power from far beyond our reaches, and it dictates our weather, the seasons, it gives heat, it gives life and it can also take it away. It lights up our way in the darkness and has been given many different names over the centuries by many different races....Ra by Egyptians, Apollo by Greeks, Yhi by Australians and Surya by Hindus.

Our lives are to a certain degree, driven by the sun. It gives us the cycle of the day and night and also the seasons and we use this in the running of our lives. The reappearance of the sun first thing in the morning gives us a sense of peace and wonder if we are lucky enough to catch the sunrise. It gives us a feeling of hope, joy, growth, creativity and elation. It also has a lot to teach us. The early astronomers that studied the sun saw that it was consistent and therefore believed it had great strength and power. It gives off a steady flow of energy and light every day whether we can see it or not. It energizes us, bathes us in light and gives us untold blessings of food growth, sustenance and solar energy.

The sun's heat is there to warm us, nourish us and let us grow. Its energy feeds our own food crops, its light lets us see the world around us and all that is beautiful. It burns with a controlled power that we can only dream of, and a longevity that we will never know. Without the sun's golden warming light, our souls suffer. When we take the time, as we have been able to do during this pandemic, to sit and bask in the sun, our spirit is lifted and feels lighter, warmer and freer. Without the sun, life as we know it would not exist. So let's keep taking the time to feel the sun's warmth on our faces and bodies and relish how it makes us feel, whether we can see it or not, it is always there for us. Peaceful wishes.



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