Spring Traditions from Around the World...Part 1.

Hello! Well the weekend is nearly upon us once again, and we have survived another week in lock down. However, we have the knowledge that this lock down is going to continue for at least another three weeks. With this in mind, I have decided to have a look at some Spring traditions from around the world that we could be carrying out if we were able to. However, the first one, one I guess we've all had a go at in one form or another recently :)

SPRING CLEANING - A Persian Tradition. It might seem like simple good sense to want to purge your house of debris following a lengthy season of indoor resting, but there is actually some cultural significance to the annual task. Some theories trace modern spring cleaning back to the Persian New Year of Nowruz, which coincides with the first day of spring. Observers of the holiday celebrate the “rebirth of nature” by replacing old items and clothes with new ones. An alternative potential origin involves Jewish culture’s springtime task of ridding a household of all yeast-based foodstuffs in preparation for Passover.

YARD SALES - an American tradition. So, what to do with all the old clothes and various unwanted items once you have had a good clear out? Turn it into a profit making venture. When springtime hits American suburbs, it’s tough to find a block that isn’t boasting one or two yard sales. This national pastime, also commonly known as a “rummage sale,” dates back to the early 1800's, when shipyards would put lost or damaged cargo (referred to by the now archaic term “romage”) up for public retail.

MAY DAY - The first day of May is celebrated in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and throughout Europe as a symbolic representation of springtime. The holiday shares themes and rituals with the Ancient Roman festival of Floralia, a tribute to the goddess Flora. The celebration, held regularly from April 28 through May 3 during the reign of the Roman Empire, involved games and competitions, theatrical performances, and the pelting of beans and lupins.

PAINTED EGGS - The origins of the family-friendly art project and scavenger hunt prize can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Sumerian cultures. Several thousand years ago, the Egyptians and Sumerians would honor their dead with adorned ostrich eggs.

EGG DANCING - A somewhat less common egg-related tradition is the egg dance, in which participants scatter basketfuls of eggs as they dance jubilantly, hoping to destroy as few eggs as possible. The earliest known reference to the egg dance may have taken place in 1498, when the Duke of Savoy and Archduchess of Austria’s victory in the game is said to have resulted in their engagement and marriage.

So there you go! Five spring traditions for you. Five more to appear at the beginning of next week. Have a fantastic weekend. Be kind to yourselves. Take time to breathe and enjoy the small moments of contentment and joy that will happen over the weekend. Appreciate the small things and stay safe :) Peaceful wishes.

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