Spring has sprung!

Welcome back after the weekend! I have been busy out in the garden for the whole weekend and have really enjoyed the feeling of the fresh air, sunshine, wind and the plants around me blossoming gently. I know a lot of us are not so lucky as I am and don't have a garden, but it's still not impossible to introduce nature into our homes. A pot plant, some bulbs, a primrose sat on the windowsill can all help. Nature doesn't know that we are having to keep safe at home....or does she? People are reporting that the drop in travel around the world is having a good effect on pollution. Dolphins are back in the canals of Venice, air pollution is going down in the major cities, deer and sheep are coming into our towns and enjoying the peace and lack of traffic and people. So it can't all be bad.

Across the world spring is seen as a time of renewal. It is a time for new beginnings and heralds a season of happiness and growth. As in many communities worldwide, spring is often celebrated in the UK around certain traditions and customs – and they’re mostly fun and represent the happiness with which the new season is greeted.

There are lots of traditions that happen here at this time of year, Maypole dancing, Spring Food and Drink Festivals, Literature Festivals and The London Marathon to name the well-known ones. The one I found out about is the Tichborne Dole. This I had never heard of and went online for a bit of information. It turns out that it dates back to the 13th century and is known as the Tichborne Dole. It takes place in Hampshire near Alresford every year on the 25th of March. It celebrates a certain Lady Maybela who, on her deathbed, made her husband Sir Roger de Tichborne promise her he would be kind to the poor and that he would hand out some wheat flour to them. This was to happen every year on this day. The custom – although interrupted in 1796 – has survived until this day. (many thanks to transferGo for the information).

Sadly, these traditions will take a hammering this year, but why not try and be a bit creative with friends online? I'm not suggesting trying online Maypole dancing, although that could be quite a giggle....but small food and drink gatherings online maybe, share a book together online, or do a marathon round the garden or lounge. I saw that someone had been planning to climb Mount Everest and when he couldn't, he did it by climbing up his stairs. It's a thought!

However we all want to celebrate Spring, and why not....a lot of us have more time to do so now, let's remember...'Once winter slowly retreats, spring invites everybody to partake of everything bright and new, and what could be better than sharing in the fun of old customs and being reminded of age-old traditions to celebrate the season?'


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