Sleep's one thing we all have in common. It is the thing that helps us function properly every day. It's the most natural thing in the world along with breathing. Yet....sometimes it can be very elusive.

There is nothing more lonely than not being able to sleep well at night. The clock ticks by.....REALLY slowly, if you are in a relationship, nine times out of ten, your partner is sleeping like a baby.

Your mind is going round and round like a thing possessed, going through what has happened during the day, or maybe working through what you need to do the following day. You might have had an argument with someone and that is playing on your mind, something may have happened at work.....and of course, at this time, just what is happening in the world around us is liable to give anyone sleepless nights.

In my class on Tuesday evening, we focused on how to get a good night's sleep. We practised a five minute breathing meditation and then worked through a relaxation meditation in order to relax our body just by focusing our attention on each individual part. It helps slow our breathing and focus our mind until other thoughts simply passed us by. To end we turned our attention to a visualisation of a walk at evening time.

Just by spending a little time in the present, the here and now, focusing on other things apart from the world around us and our troubles, meant we were able to find a little peace even for a little while.

It is really hard to think about this when you are struggling to get to sleep, especially if you know you have to be up at a certain time for something important. The important thing to remember is .....when you are struggling.....if you can, let go of the struggle, focus on your body and how it feels, check in on it from the top of your head all the way down to your toes, just seeing how much you can relax each part of it.

If after that it hasn't worked, I suggest getting up, making a hot drink, sitting quietly and maybe reading and then trying to go to sleep again.

This is a strange world we are inhabiting at the moment. Don't feel that you are alone in not being able to sleep at times, it is something we are all dealing are not alone.

Peaceful wishes. Sally


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