New Month, New Opportunities.

Hello!!! Well here we are, new week, new month. I know it's the 4th, but found this calendar on Twitter, which had been posted by @stresslesssuccess, @GreaterGoodSC and @MindFlowApp and it gives us some great mindful ideas for May. Mindful May.....I have looked through it and it isn't rammed full of crafty, physical, learn a new skill ideas, although they are equally as good, but it helps us to experience the present moment, to appreciate the small things, and to just concentrate on the here and now and to be thankful and give meaning to why we are the way we are. I particularly liked Sunday 3rd May, 'reconnect with nature even if you are indoors' as the sunflower seeds I was given by a friend have shot up and are now nearly ready for planting outside and my other indoor plants, which I must admit I thought I had killed off.....are now in flower woohoo!! That was a really good moment when I came downstairs and there was a flower!

Give yourself time to pause and appreciate how well you're coping with this lock down. It's not easy, and the end is possibly still quite a way off, but if we just take each day as it comes, enjoy that day, and not worry about the future, we CAN do this, and come out the other side stronger and more together hopefully.

Peaceful wishes. Sally


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