Nature in all it's glory!

Hello everyone and what a glorious couple of days weather we have had. The birds are really enjoying it and are very busy in the garden collecting nesting materials and obviously feeding young in some cases. The sparrows have moved into the old house martins nest by our bathroom window and are hurtling in and out with beakfuls of materials.

I have been seeing the biggest bumblebees in the world humming gently round the daffodils and out in the fields at the back of us the lambs are enjoying the warm weather. Butterflies are on the move and I'm waiting for the first swallows to appear to show that summer is not that far away!

I feel so sorry for those people who have not got access to their own outdoor space at this time. It is so easy for us who live in the country to get out and breathe in the clean air, that we tend to forget those in the cities. It is very hard for people with families to all be in the same house for weeks on end, is NOT going to be forever, and the feeling of freedom when things are gradually relaxed will be amazing and well worth the wait.

We will get through this, with the love and support (at the moment from a safe distance) of our family and friends. If nothing else, this virus has hopefully taught us that the best things in life aren't those that can be bought, but those things that up until now a lot of us took for granted....a hug, a handshake, meeting for coffee, parties, a kiss, love and compassion.

Keep on being safe, treasure your family and friends, and keep an eye out for these little guys if you live in the country!!!

Until next time, take care :)


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