Keeping Our Mind Calm

And breathe! I seem to be saying this a lot recently both on here and to myself. I have surprised myself by how much little things seem to really bug me at the moment, so have taken to taking myself off and listening to calming music and breathing. Just letting myself be in the moment, trying not to think about what is going on in the world around us just a few precious moments. Just by taking some time out and slowing our breathe down, focusing on literally just breathing in and out, makes all the difference.

In my hour long meditation class on Tuesday evening, we focused on our body and mind and found out how both our mind and body felt just by turning our awareness to it and taking time to scan down from the top of our head to the tips of our toes and back up again. In the twenty minutes that it took to do that, it was surprising and reassuring to find that by the end, we were calmer, more aware of ourselves and had also brought some compassion to our body and mind. If we can give ourselves compassion in this times of stress then it is easier to show compassion to the people around us, whether we see them virtually, or when we go out on our daily a safe distance naturally and also when we have to brave the supermarket to do our essential shopping. It is here that I find the most stressful. Although I have to say most people are also as vigilant as I am. I have also found people are more willing to talk to each other and to be friendly and always end off with 'keep safe'.

It is going to be some time before we begin to have the semblance of 'normal live' whatever that is/was. I hope that it doesn't go back entirely to the way it was before, when people were too busy getting on with their lives to look up, take a moment and cherish the small interconnections we all have but don't notice every day. Let's hang onto the friendly smiles, the chatting to strangers in the supermarket, and the good wishes when we leave. It feels a slightly friendlier world at a medically dangerous time. What a paradox??!!

Until next time, take care, stay safe. Peaceful wishes. Sally


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