Ideas for April

Hello again, and welcome to April!

Can you believe we have done a quarter of the year already and April is upon us? And as we face a full month of 'lockdown' and social distancing, with only essential travel allowed, this popped into my inbox with a message that read 'PLEASE SHARE' literally in capital letters.

So, for once, I'm going to do as I'm told and put this out there for you all. Reading through the calendar, there are things on there that only last month we would all have said....oh I haven't got time to do that' before hurtling out through the door to get children to school, to go to work, shopping, etc. Some of you may have been doing them, and well done to you!

Now, these small things have become really important to carry on doing. My personal top three will be 1) Contact a neighbour or friend and offer to help them; 2) take five minutes to sit still and breathe. Do this regularly and 3) Make a plan to meet up with others later in the year.

How many times have we just waved at neighbours and then disappeared down the drive in our car? How often did we sit and breathe and really notice it? And how many times have we cried off meeting a friend because 'something' has come up?

If nothing else, let's use this time to sit and think about what is truly important and when we come out of the other side of all this, let's not slip back, but move forwards and really enjoy those little moments that are essential after all.

Take care of yourselves, and keep safe. Speak again soon.


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