Have a good weekend!

Hello again! Well here we are at the end of a second strange week. As the weekend comes around again, this is the sight that we are seeing around the world, let alone the UK.

The passage of time is really unusual for all of us at the moment. The days are blurring into one and the weekend doesn't seem to have the same meaning at the moment.

However, if you can, try and make the weekend a little bit different from the days that have gone before, although I understand this may be tricky.

I'm signing off for the weekend now. The weather is supposed to be good, so I'm going to make the most of it and get out and do some gardening. By the time the lockdown has finished, we are going to have some beautiful gardens around the country (or those lucky enough to have a garden). I was speaking to a lovely man while waiting in the queue to get into a well known chemist and he said that he was lucky and had got a garden so he was making a community garden for the people in his neighbourhood. What a fantastic thing to do!

I really hope that at the end of all this, we can continue to carry on with this wonderful community spirit and not let it fall by the wayside. The outpouring of love and gratitude to the NHS I hope continues, family and friends have become even more precious, let's celebrate that when we can actually see them.

Until next week, have a fun filled weekend, take care of yourselves. Enjoy the weather, nature and the peace that is being given to us.

Peaceful wishes.


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