End of another week!

Hello, here we are again, at the end of the week. Weatherwise it's been another stunner. I am really getting used to the sunshine, though the gardener in me is saying 'my garden needs some rain'. We're never satisfied!!

Mentally I think the good weather has also helped. It has meant that we can at least do our daily exercise in nice weather and not in tipping rain. Which has got to be a bonus. I saw this picture on FB and thought that it was a good way of helping us mentally as this week seems to have been more tough than others.

Don't be hard on yourself. If you don't feel like learning something new, creating something, talking to anyone, then don't beat yourself up. All those things will be there waiting for you. Read a book, watch easy stuff on the TV, have a break, it's OK.

Take some deep breaths, I know I keep going on about it, but it really does help. Meditate for 5 mins, just sit and be still and quiet, that's all that is needed. Give yourself time to be, without judging yourself about what you think you should be doing. It is OK to have some time when you are just present and not actually physically 'doing something'. It doesn't matter if someone else in the house is doing something, that is helping them.

Keep in touch with people, talking and sharing experiences means halving the anxiety. It's OK to have a laugh and a joke, no one is going to judge you, or they shouldn't! Switch off the news, it's all about the virus, and it will be repeated again and again when you feel up to watching it.

Enjoy the small things, enjoy your coffee or tea, enjoy the time with those who you hold dear and if they are in another house somewhere, keep in touch. And just remember, we are not alone in this, the whole world is experiencing a new way of living and coping.

Have a lovely weekend if you can, the weather is set to looking good for a little while. We may get a drop of rain on Sunday.....the gardens will be very happy about that!

Until Monday, take care, stay safe and be kind to yourself :)

Peaceful wishes. Sally x


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