Be Kind in this Weird Times

Well what a difference a few days make at the moment! Literally just ten days ago, we were able to carry out our normal day to day routines and now.... we are all in lock-down apart from those who are carrying out the most important roles. First of all.....THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS. We will never be able to repay you for what you are doing right now.

We all have families that we cannot physically go and visit at the moment, and our social lives are now restricted to social media. However....let's put a more positive spin on this. Now we can connect to people all over the world via the internet, we can join in with classes and activities that we might never even have dreamed of doing because the internet has brought it closer to us, into our own front rooms! We can now do P.E. sessions, have bedtime stories, watch theatre, and of course carry out mindful meditation without leaving our homes.

Here at StillMind, we are offering meditation sessions for 15 minutes daily FREE at 7pm each evening including Saturday and Sunday. From mid April we will also be offering an hour long session weekly for those who would like to meditate for longer. Details on how much this will cost and when we go live will be on social media and here on my website very shortly.

So, until this time next week, when I promise to write again on how everything is going, and hopefully post more positive kind to one another, and KEEP SAFE. Peaceful wishes to you all x


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