A Change.

Well here we are on Tuesday, and what a change in the weather, at least for a while. I have loved the sun, it has made the daily exercise so much more enjoyable, but it has meant that I have been out with the hose frantically watering the now much tidier garden to try and keep everything alive! So I have to say, this rain is a pleasant change and will benefit my plants so much more than me with the hose.

Again, nature has provided us with what we need. A refreshing day of rain (as long as it doesn't go back to what we had earlier in the year!) with sunshine and showers forecast for the next few days. A more typical April day to be honest. I just hope this gorgeous weather hasn't been our summer for this year.

It can be hard to see much positivity just at the moment with deaths still happening, families suffering and social distancing and restrictions in place. But hopefully at some point we are able to see that we now how more time for us, we don't need to spend loads of money to find small glimmers of light and contentment in our day. Again, we are so lucky to be living in a rural part of the country, and we have to spare a thought for those people who live in flats in the middle of cities with families that are isolated together. Also those who are not so happy in their lives and not able to get out and about to find other people to share their pain with. It is very easy to sit here and say that it's not too bad, and we will get through this. But now is the time to show compassion to those less fortunate, to let them vent their feelings of helplessness and rage on social media and not judge. Take the time to be mindful of other peoples suffering, a lot of which is invisible to the outside world. Take a moment to breathe and see how we can help rather than condemn and judge. I have been guilty of this and am now trying to live more in the present and be less judgemental. We don't know anyone's full story...

The lesson we can take away from this is that we are all experiencing this unprecedented time in different ways, let's help each other if we can in whatever way we can. It might be doing someone's shopping, it might be working as a key worker, it could be something simple as smiling at someone and asking if they are OK. Every little helps.

Keep safe, stay home.

Peaceful wishes..... Sally


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