Fees    -    Meditation

Group Session                                                        £10         90 mins

Mindfulness, Movement &

Meditation                                                              £5           25 mins

                                                                                 £8           40 mins

                                                                                 £10         60 mins

1 - 2 - 1 Meditation                                                 £25         60 mins

Mindful Walks                                                         £40          60 mins


To make an appointment 

Contact Sally 



How to pay

Sessions need to be paid for in advance. You can either do this in cash in person (e.g. at the end of a session pay for next week) or by bank transfer. Please bring cash to your first session.


Some people like to pay session by session and others like to do a month at a time. I'm happy to be flexible and we can discuss what will work for you during your assessment.

Cancellations For 1-2-1 & Mindful Walks:

More than 72 hours notice                  No charge

Less than 72 hours notice                   £20

FEES: Meditation/Mindfulness/Well-being Worshops

Fees for Meditation/Mindfulness sessions & well-being workshops are variable depending on the location, time involved and how bespoke they are. 

Please contact me to discuss your requirements so I can give you an accurate quote.

07817 466527

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