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Meditation is the practice of sitting still and breathing in a controlled manner for extended periods of time. While the practice has been around for millennia, meditation has recently emerged as a popular approach to regulating both physical and mental wellbeing. Meditation is proving to have wide appeal due to its calming nature. What ancient Eastern practitioners probably intuitively knew all along, modern science is now beginning to demonstrate. Meditation has a real impact on your health… Peaceful wishes. 


Maybe you want to start meditating because you want to be less reactive, feel less stressed or be more focused. Maybe meditating is part of a wider personal plan of some kind. Or maybe you're looking to improve your relationships with those you are with, be it at home or at work. 

'The process of meditating is straightforward and easy: simply sit and practice. All you have to do is close your eyes, stay focused on your breathing, and let your mind do its thing. This is the one skill where you don’t have to strive to achieve something — just a place of stillness where no effort is required'. - Headspace


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My meditation classes are at

Great Witley Village Hall, Ludlow Assembly Rooms

and Tenbury Wellness Centre.

Mindful Walking takes place in and around Ludlow.

One to One Sessions are at my practice in Ludlow or can be at your home.

I sit, therefore, I am




07817 466527

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Becky, Worcestershire

Went to my first meditation this week with Sally from StillMind. Have never done any meditation before. I found it really powerful and thought provoking. Will definitely be going back!

Edward, Worcestershire

Loved first class with Sally the other day! Very calming, relaxing and informative. Looking forward to coming back for more.